COVID-19: curing children

How did the Pediatric University treated children with coronavirus infection?

May, 5 a specialized department opened at the SPbSPMU Hospital. The most "serious" children were brought there, those, who had tumours, leukemia and other severe diseases in addition to COVID-19. In all, since the beginning of May, more than 70 young patients have passed through the "red zone".

“At first it was said that children did not get sick at all. But it turned out that they were not. The youngest patient was 12 days old. In addition, we came across the fact that some children came to us again,” said Dmitry Ivanov during the TASS press conference.

Svetlana Bannova, Head of the Department for Treatment of Patients with COVID-19, spoke in more detail about the case of repeated hospitalization of a patient with coronavirus infection. According to the doctor, the four-year-old patient was admitted to the hospital about a month ago. After the course of treatment, COVID-19 tests on the child began to show a negative result. But after a while, the test became positive again.

“There may indeed have been a so-called “reinfection” – that is, infection in a second time. The fact that the child had a severe concomitant disease related to oncology may have had an impact. That is, at some point, the amount of virus in his or her body was reduced to such an extent that it was no longer determined by tests. And then due to the immune system, the virus started to reproduce again," explained Svetlana Bannova.

According to the specialist, it is very difficult to find out what actually caused the second disease.

Maria Revnova, Professor at the Department of Outpatient Pediatrics, told us that coronavirus in children can have its own, sometimes very dangerous features. According to her, two patients of the department had a condition that doctors call "Kawasaki-like syndrome".

“This condition is very similar to a fairly rare Kawasaki disease – hence its name. It represents a massive lesion to the heart and blood vessels and, in particularly neglected and severe cases, can even be fatal," said Maria Revnova.

Experts agree that it is premature to talk about the consequences of the coronavirus that has been moved.

“One of our main tasks now should be post-coronavirus rehabilitation of children, so that all dangerous consequences can be identified and treated in a timely manner," noted Revnova

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Дата публикации: 24.07.2020

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