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European diploma Supplement

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The European diploma Supplement (diploma Supplement) is an official document developed for graduates of European universities as part of the implementation of the provisions of the Bologna Declaration, which initiated the European integration process in higher education.

In our country, the introduction of the diploma Supplement began after the ratification of the Lisbon Convention in 2000 and accession to the Bologna process in 2003.

This application is a uniform form accepted in all European countries, EC (ECTS) and the assigned qualification. The diploma Supplement is issued in English, has the status of an official translation and does not require further notarization. Application forms have a single form, are protected from forgery and are manufactured in Europe.

The Application model was developed by a working group of the European Commission, the Council of Europe and UNESCO. 

The application is filled in in English and contains a description of the characteristics, level, scope, content and status of the education received, data on the degree of assimilation of the program material, information about the system for evaluating learning results.

In accordance with the recommendations of UNESCO and the European Association of universities, this Appendix consists of sections:

  • diploma holder,
  • their qualifications,
  • the level of this qualification,
  • content and results of training,
  • professional characteristics of the qualification,
  • academic performance based on the rating system,
  • Russian education system.

The academic load is transferred to credits with the European ECTS system (European credit transfer system).



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