Publishing SPSPMU

Department of Public Relations and Information Policy

Head of department                                               Titova Lika Aleksandrovna

 295-31-55, +7-921-301-84-32

PR-specialist                                                          Pobedimova Inga Andreevna


PR-specialist                                                          Gumanenko Maria Evgenievna

 295-31-55, +7-921-845-91-33

Marketing specialist                                                Lapshina Maria Viktorovna


Editorial and publishing department

Publishing SPSPMU specializes on editing professional literature for doctors, psichologies, biologists and other scientific specialists, including:

  • monographs, course books, training manuals, work books for faculties and departments.
  • scientific journals «Forcipe», «Visualization in medicine», «Russian biomedical reserch», «Medicine and health care organization», «Medicine theory and practice».
  • newspaper «Saint-Petersburg pediator»
  • advertising and information brochures, leaflets

Also ieditorial and publishing department does  coping, multipling and binding works.


 Head of department                                                    Ostrovik Svetlana Yurevna

       416-53-05, office 357

Technician                                                                  Brener Margarita Vernerovna     

         416-53-05, office 357                               

Technical editor                                                            Novosadova Tatyana Yurevna 

          416-53-05, office 357




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